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Topic of the Week

Gender Identity Discrimination

Discrimination based on gender identity is not specifically prohibited under federal law at this time, but there are legislative efforts to pass federal laws to make it explicitly illegal. There is also some case law interpreting sex discrimination laws t


Blog of the Week

2018 elections give paid sick leave and family leave new momentum in the states

Nevada recently became the latest state to pass a paid sick leave law after 2018 put Democrats in control of the state. But Nevada isn’t the only state where paid leave has advanced in 2019, and the Democratic Governors Association is highlighting that momentum.

Thought for the Week

"The discrimination towards the trans community right now is really tragic, and really damaging. I think it creates a toxic environment for people; this isn’t just about trans professional athletes. This is about anyone who likes sport, whether they’re a fan, someone who plays football with a local team, someone who wants to go to their local pool or gym."

–Charlie Martin

List of the Week

from Workplace Fairness

Top Discrimination searches this week:

  • Pay Discrimination 
  • Sex and Gender Discrimination
  • Family Responsibility Discrimination
  • Proving Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination



Top Five News Headlines

  1. Tipped Workers Press For 'One Fair' Minimum Wage
  2. Female drivers feel abandoned by Uber and Lyft after reporting a sexual assault
  3. Google rejects plans to fight sexual harassment and boost diversity
  4. Point: Bill to close the wage gap is long overdue
  5. The Supreme Court May Erode Decades of Wins for LGBT Worker Rights